The Path of Grapes...

The Path of Grapes includes three trips between the traditions, tastes and smells of life of the peasants of Ischia...

1 Week in Hotels Bed & Breakfast + The Path of Grapes € 260,00* per person
Week in Hotels Half Board + The Path of Grapes € 290,00* per person

* The above prices are subject to change depending on the time
The following excursions can be made individually, by booking directly in the hotel or on the phone

From the Mountains to the Sea...
...the tour includes climbing the roads of the island (789 meters), a fascinating spectacle that allows you to enjoy the full view of the island of Ischia. After a good tasty bruschetta and wine of our region will continue to descend through the forest Falanga where the amazing stone houses made ​​from huge engine blocks of tufa us back to breathe the ancient life of the peasants islanders. We will then arrive at the church of Santa Maria del Monte, a small village of farmers wine up to walk to the hotel situated on the slopes of Mt.

INCLUDES: Transfer by minibus from the hotel to the trail, guide, local snack
DURATION: 7 hours
TIPS: Hiking shoes or comfortable, comfortable clothing with long pants, water

To the Ancient Vineyards...
...The tour includes the ascent to Mount Vezzi (404 mt), whose geographical position has allowed the spontaneous growth of the "Macchia Mediterranea" with the description of plants like Aloe, Agave, Helichrysum, etc. Hellebore. widely known and used for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Further along the coast, you reach the strip of land on which began the practice of viticulture, where you talk about the wines produced on the island now and we'll show you the work that indigenous growers still use the old methods. After visiting the ruins of the village of St. Dominic, we will reach the center of Camps which, aiming from Vesuvius, you will return to the hotel.

INCLUDES: Transfer by minibus to the hotel, guide
DURATION: 5,5 hours
TIPS: Hiking shoes or comfortable, comfortable clothing with long pants, water

To the Estate Calitto...
...the excursion includes a visit to the 7 acres of land surrounding the eighteenth-century "Villa Piromallo", located at 10 min. hotel, in a viticultural landscape of considerable charm and value, providing precise paths between the rows so that the wine tourist see what he drinks. Of particular architectural charm are present in the ancient villa millstones, cellai, halls paved with tiles of ancient workmanship Neapolitan as well as a chapel of great artistic value. The walk in the vineyard will be welcomed with the "Bread and Tomato" by ancient tradition, combined with a good glass of wine with meats and cheeses of various types and will be concluded with a visit to the museum of the island's unique farmer 's Ischia, offering all'enoturista to discover wine economy of the past and present, a history suspended between the wine and the sea that goes from the Greeks to the present day.

INCLUDES: Guide and tasting
DURATION: 2,30 hours
TIPS: comfortable shoes